Marian Wilson – Equine and Human Bowen Therapist

How I got into Bowen Therapy.

MarianIn 2012, a friend of mine called Angela Anderson was studying The Bowen Technique and recommended I try Bowen Therapy for my persistent back pain and stiffness. I was amazed at how this light remedial therapy took just 2 sessions to reduce my pain and increase my movement.

My horse benefitted too. After a few treatents she was walking out more smoothly and riding her was much more comfortable. She seemed alot happier in herself and seemed to enjoy her treatment.  Happy Horse-Happy Rider!


Bowen Fascial Logo Final HRIn 2012 I began my training with the European College of Bowen Studies. I was amazed at the results I was getting in the early stages of my training. Within a short time I was soon offering in excess of 60 treatments. I was getting positive results using The Bowen Technique for people with neck/shoulder/back pain. People with knee/ankle/pelvic pain and people sufferering from the chronic condition fibromyalgia and M.E in the space of 3 sessions.

In 2013 I began looking into the effects of The Bowen Technique in relation to horse and rider at The Rose Farm College of Equine Studies. Painting the muscles on Neo was fun! In no time at all I found myself offering in excess of 120 sessions to horses and riders contacting me for help.

Studying Human and Equine Bowen Therapy has given me a real hands on experience of just how Bowen Therapy can create positive changes in the relief of tight painful muscles. Seeing with my own eyes how quickly injuries can heal once the lymphatic system has been given a boost.  Watching hayfever sufferers get quick relief from their symptoms. Hearing how skin conditions have suddenly cleared by the body’s immune system becoming more effective. Seeing people regain more function in their body. Listening to people say how their pain has gone. These are just some of the few things I have personally encountered.


Talk at Little peak 2.6.14I have given various Bowen Therapy talks to riding clubs, health clubs and local groups to show people through demonstration and research the benefits of Bowen Therapy. I get alot of fun out of these talks and make them as interactive as possible. Its also a way people can obtain a discounted Bowen voucher and buy discounted remedy products.

If you belong to any groups and feel this might be something that interests you, why not give me a call. Go to my ‘About me’ page for ways in which you can get in touch.






In August 2014 I wrote an article for South East Rider Magazine on locking stifle. I used a case study to explain the effect using The Bowen Technique had on a young 16hh Thoroughbred ex polo horse.

Young horses in particular can be susceptable to locking stifle. Sometimes their muscular framework grows at a faster rate than their skeletal framewok and the muscles around the stifle become tight. When they are turned away, the muscles relax and can cause locking stifle to develop. Thankfully young horses can grow out of it as their muscular framework shapes.

My article highlighted that just one treatment was enough to release and free the locking mechanism to enable the horse to lead a more normal life after a year of distress to the horse and rider.








In September 2014 in the South East Rider was published an article about ‘Time’. She had for many years been reactive when she came into season. The first few days were the worst and caused her owner stress. Her owner had tried other strategies and nothing seemed to work.

My article highlights that with 3 Bowen sessions, Time’s body was able to reset itself to enable her arguementative behaviour to stop. Now a days Time is no different when she is in season. Her owner takes her to shows, clinics and lessons without the stress of managing her difficult mare when she is in season.






An ex rescue pony called Jas had experienced some unkind human acts and as a result developed into a very nervous and stressed pony. Her owner spend a year trying to cope with her pony’s rearing, kicking, spooking. Riding her out on her own was difficult as Jas did not have any confidence and napped.

My article showed with 3 Bowen sessions a change in her behaviour. Jas gained confidence and stopped expressing her fears. She is now a calm pony and trusts more human contact.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • Assessment workshop 2012
  • Red Flags workshop 2013
  • Integral Anatomy workshop 2013
  • Body Reading working 2014
  • Integral Anatomy 6 day Dissection 2014
  • Practitioner CPD in Human and Equine Bowen 2014
  • Equine owners course: Dealing with emergencies 2014


£45 per horse

£40 per individual

0.45p per mile travel costs over 20 miles radius of home.


How do I book a Bowen Technique appointment with Marian Wilson?

Visit my ‘Contact Me‘ page, where you will find a range of contact methods to suit your preference.