Equine and Human Bowen Therapy Reviews and Feedback

Bowen Therapy for Dogs


Below are some testimonials from happy clients.


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My horse has had 4 treatments off Marian now and what can I say?? Brilliant! My horse Miller was suffering a stifle problem due to an injury he suffered after a tree fell down next to his field last year when he was laying down, which spooked him and he jumped to his feet and pulled his back and glutes. I was told to do alot of different things with him but found in my eyes that it was not working as well as I hoped. I was desparate for my boy to feel better and got directed to Marian. I’ve struggled for months to get him better and Marian did her 4 sessions with him and he has responded amazingly to the treatment. At first he was not too sure, but after his first treatment he really settled down and enjoyed it. Miller is really working well and I can see such a difference in him physically and mentally. I’m so happy to have my cheeky, happy boy back again. Thank you Marian.          Jamie Morton

Marian is the best!

From a professional point of view Marian is the best, someone I have been inspired by.      Gayatri Warner

I am now pain free.

I have to say a huge thank you to Marian Wilson. I have been in pain with my back and leg for months. My Doctor has been filling me with tablets which have done nothing, not his fault. After a few sessions with Marian doing her Bowen Therapy, I am now pain free. I could kiss you Marian. I cant thank you enough.         Diane King

 My 10 year old daughter was on a high dosage of painkillers before she had Bowen.

My daughter had been diagnosed with Chondromalacia Patella by our G.P and the only help they could offer was rest and Ibuprofen up to 4 times a day. My daughter is 10 and this I didn’t feel was adequate, or indeed a positive answer. Prior to this condition she enjoyed playing football for a local team and was no longer in a position to play regularly unless on a high dosage of painkillers, at least 6 days per week. I took my daughter to see Marian after feeling somewhat let down and disillusioned with the service offered by our G.P. Marian put Charlotte at ease straight away and was fantastic with her. Following her examination she confirmed what the Dr had said but also that she had some ligament damage. Charlotte has had three sessions with Marian and has returned to training only to start with, but has played her first match recently.      Nicky Smith.

My horse enjoyed it so much I’m having the treatment myself

My horse has now had three treatments from Marian, the first one she didnt let Marian in but got better with each treatment and by the third she was yawning and licking and chewing. She enjoyed it so much I am now having a treatment myself to try and help my knee, back and shoulder 🙂      Sallie Snowie Snow.

Would highly recommend this treatment and Marian

Rode Mia for the first time since her Bowen treatment today and the results were amazing. She was so loose and supple, she has struggled with her locking stifle for the last year and we were achieving things that we could a year ago before the issues started. Would highly recommend this treatment and Marian truly wants the best for horse and rider. Thank you Marian x x      Dominique Newton.

A very relaxed boy

A very informative and interesting treatment session on my horse, Bodger today. Lots of licking, chewing, lip wobbling and nose twitching throughout, and a VERY relaxed boy at the end. So fascinating to learn about my horse’s different muscles-particularly around his shoulders and back legs. I will be keeping a close eye on him for changes, and am looking forward to his next week’s treatment. Thank you Marian xx   Laura Bleecker.

Would highly recommend this treatment

Marian was able to cure my migraine everytime I had a Bowen session! Really recommend it!   Hayley Wilson.

Marian has a true gift using this technique

Thank you Marian for giving me my arab back his MoJo!! :-)) I would recommend anyone out there to get their horses seen by this luverly lady, she has a true gift using this technique as the picture of my old man Foxy shows!   Mariette Jelly.

The most amazing transformation!

The most amazing transformation was my young TB. His movement was easier and acceptance of contact after 3 sessions is much improved. Vicky Foot.

The difference in my horse is amazing!

Marian is a miracle worker. The difference in my horse is amazing, especially my very nervous, tense Arab. He can now actually stand straight and bring his head down without having a panic.  Julie Clarke.

I feel I have my Arab back!

During his last treatment my horse could barely stand. He was so relaxed with his bottom lip dropping. He looked like he had been sedated. I have ridden him a couple of times since his last treatment and the difference is truely amazing. He feels very balanced and has a lovely energy he didn’t have before. I feel I have my Arab back!   Jo Angell.

I felt 100% better

My back locked up and I was unable to straighten up. I was in alot of pain and couldnt ride. By the end of my 1st treatment there was a 70% improvement. After my 3rd treatment I was feeling 100% better.   Jo Angell.

Highly recommended

After 1 treatment I was able to ride with level stirrups: First time in years. Big thank you. Highly recommended. Tracey Sharp

I wouldn’t hesitate to ask Marian to treat me

I don’t have a horse, unfortunately but I know Marian on a professional basis. She is knowledgable, professional and trustworthy. I would not hesitate in asking her to treat me. Good luck Marian.   Diane King.

Amazed at the change in my pony

Marian has treated my pony Jasmine a few times now and I am amazed at the change in her. Jasmine was a nervous pony and wasnt at all keen on strangers touching her, especially her legs. During the first treatment Jasmine was very spooky and suspicious to what Marian was doing. But with each treatment she has become more and more relaxed, she is actually fell asleep during her last treatment. I don’t understand the technical side to Bowens, but I do know I now have a calm, relaxed pony who you can touch all over even her legs without her batting an eyelid. I’d like to thank Marian for helping me to strengthen my emotional relationship with Jasmine and for helping Jasmine to become the very chilled out little pony she was always meant to be. xxx                     Cheryl Wellstead.

Give Bowen a chance and you won’t be disappointed

Marian is so good with my pony. He’s a pickle, very fidgety. He finds it hard to switch off and relax. He’s had physio, saddle fitted, teeth, vacs, wormed, the lot, so I knew he was fit and healthy. He’s just a naught boy. He bucks in canter and paws the ground when tacked up. For this reason I asked Marian to do Bowen on him. I’d tried everything else so thought why not give it a go. On his first treatment he didn’t give in or relax right until the end of his treatment. Today was his second treatment (7 days apart) and he was like a different pony. He was yawning, resting, signing and pooping. I was so impressed with the changes in him, I’ve booked myself in too! I highly recommend Marian to anyone. She is friendly, helpful and supportive. Give Bowen a chance and you won’t be disappointed.   Philippa Cox.

Definitely feeling much better

2nd session completed yesterday with Marian. Main focus on my lower back. Definately feeling much better today! Thanks Marian and looking forward to session 3 next week!  Daniel Laffoley.

Feeling much better

Marian has treated both my horse and me. The horse is slightly more chilled out 🙂 and for me my back is feeling much better and sleep pettern is getting there. Thank you Marian. Will see you soon.   Michele Primmer.

My back pain has gone away

Having been in a life threatening car crash 6 years ago. I was on constant pain relief of 4,000mg daily. After 3 treatments, I’ve not needed them. Pain has gone away. G.P said I’d be on them for life. Also, I have had until recently 2 mares, both home bred, Mother and Daughter. I sadly lost the Mother very suddenly and totally unexpected. The three treatments her daughter, Baby received prior to the loss have been tremedous in relaxing her and helping her to cope with this sad loss. Her Dam, Vanity was able to receive 2 treatments before being put down. She wa pain free from 2 big ops she had had at Liphook, which included a metal plate and 5 screws in her near fore pastern. Thanks to Marian and Bowen all three of us were, and are, still pain free. xx   Sue Wilkes.

Looking forward to her next treatment

Della got stuck in a bog in the New Forest last year and pulled the muscles in her hind quarters and back. Vet checked her over and advised she was fine. Since then her behaviour has deterioated to the point that she was bordering on dangerous. The vet thought it was hormonal issues, but it turned out to be her back. After 3 chiropractic treatments she was improving but after her first Bowen treatment she has really changed. Calm to ride and stood still to be shod, which is unheard of. The last time she was shod as soon as he went to lift her hind leg she took out the farrier, knocked his box over and trod on his rasp snapping it! Looking forward to her next treatment!   Sarah Byrne.

Thoroughly enjoyed his Bowen treatments

Spendit has been moving better during his schooling sessions. He has also been more responsive to working in an outline and playing with the bit less. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy his Bowen treatments!  Katherine Coghlan.