IMGP1010Case Study-Equine Bowen Therapy.

I was asked to look at Diago (Digger) as he was experiencing some tightness in his left gluteal and down his hind quarters, particulary around his Biceps Femoris. His owner had felt some twinges under saddle indicating some muscle weakness. These twinges were slight leg drops where Diago lost some muscle power, particulary during his downward transitions. I met up with him once a week for three weeks.





DiggerFour weeks later, I visited Diago and his owner for a follow up session. The tightness in his left gluteal now seems to have resolved and he is presenting more level over the sacral area of his hindquarters.  His leg drops are few and far between and he is feeling alot more supple.

Equine Bowen Therapy- Case Study – Diago