JasmineWhen I first met Jasmine at the Hampshire Horse and Pony Rescue back in Spring 2012, she was the picture of calmness, lying down in the sunshine letting me sit with her and give her a scratch…it was love at first site, well for me a least! Remarks Cheryl. Unfortunately, things quickly deteriorated soon after Jasmine was brought home. Cheryl explains, “Jasmine became very anxious whenever I took her out of the field. Grooming was a daily battle; I even took to wearing a riding hat when grooming her legs, as she would kick out when I touched them”.

Cheryl approached me and arrange for Jasmine to have Bowen Therapy to help her pony relax more. After three Bowen sessions a week apart Jasmine’s defensive behavior stopped. She no longer reacted when her legs were touched. She stopped spooking and flinching as much and became more relaxed, even managing to fall asleep in front of her haynet.

A year later and Jasmine remains a relaxed, trusting and calm pony. She does not get anxious when asked to come out of her field. She does not react to her legs being groomed and she no longer rears up around food. More interestingly Cheryl feels the Bowen she has had on herself has made a difference to her relationship with her horse.“I like to think that Bowen Therapy has contributed to building my relationship with Jasmine and has helped me to become much calmer and patient and has returned the calm, sweet and trusting pony I met on that sunny spring day 2 years ago” Writes Cheryl.

Jasmine’s story will be appearing in the October issue of South East Rider 2014.

Equine Bowen Case Study: Jasmine