Equine Bowen Therapy-Learning to trust

Learning to trust
Learning to trust

Cookie has not had the best start in life. She was orphaned as a foal on The New Forest. She eventually found her way to the New Forest sales where she was sold and left in a field before being sold again. Luckily Cookie’s present owner is keeping her for life after the awful start she has had.

Cookie has learnt to be a dominant mare around other horses. She leads and dominates through aggression to keep the herd together and is very protective when it comes to food. She has learnt what scarcity of food is and makes sure she does not go hungry whenever food is about.





Cookie and me

Cookie has learnt to be mistrustful of humans and uses her legs and teeth for her protection. Last year I had the pleasure of giving her Bowen Therapy using The Bowen Technique. I had to work around her very carefully as she was displaying defensive behaviour to keep me at a distance. I did manage however to make good progress and earn her trust.

I saw Cookie recently and saw no display of defensive behaviour. She was very relaxed throughout as you can see from the pictures. She was very accepting of my touch the whole time I was working around her.





Cookie yawningLearning to trust is key in establishing a good rapport and harmonious relationship with your horse. Bowen Therapy can help gain your horse’s trust by working very calmy, slowly and therapeutically over their body, giving you a relaxed, calm and mobile horse without the need for months of treatments.








Equine Bowen Therapy: Case Study-Cookie-Learning to trust