Sparkey before Bowen

Sparkey was not coming through on his right hind, which was evident when on a right rein. In walk and trot his right hind did not track up. He appeared to carry tension  around his Tuber Coxae. Using tight circles, Sparkey either crossed in front or shuffled round.


Sparkey after Bowen

Sparkey had several Bowen Sessions, which showed an improvment to his overall performance and in tight circles. He was able to cross his hind quarters over more, giving him more range of movement. He was tracking up more, thus working his right hind more and felt more supple all over including where he was tight over his right tuber coxae.



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Equine Bowen: Improving performance

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  • 25 February, 2015 at 4:09 pm

    That’s fantastic. Animals can’t pretend, they just let it be seen as it really is.

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