Unlocking Stifles Using Bowen Therapy

2014-07-23 10.05.51Young horses can sometimes be prone to stifle issues because of the way their muscles are developing at a more rapid rate than their skeletal frame is forming . Young horses that are backed for heavy sport such as polo and then turned away can also be prone to locking stifle. Horses can also sustain stifle injuries playing around or running away from something.

Meet Miller. He got up too quickly from a fright in his field. A branch from a tree snapped near him and caused him to flee. His left Biceps Femoris and Gluteal muscles and stifle ligaments became damaged as a result. His stifle became intermittingly locked and spasmed.

Six months after the incident I met Miller. He was showing a weakness in his stifle area and was unable to crossover  his hindlegs in tight circles due to muscle tightness and tension. The first video shows you him shuffling around. Miller had three Bowen sessions a week apart, which showed an improvment in his hindquarters. The second video captures the improved quality of the crossover in both reins. To keep Miller supple, he is on a regular maintenance program of three monthly Bowen sessions, which is proving effective.

 Miller before Bowen Therapy.

Miller after three Bowen sessions.

If you finding your horse has some tightness and stifle issues in his hindquarters and is having difficulty doing tight circles, like Miller, contact me for a discussion about how Bowen Therapy could help your horse.

Equine Bowen Therapy: Case Study-Stifle issues