About me

NellaAs a horse owner and rider, I know only too well how much dedication and commitment our equines need to keep them fit and healthy.

Experiencing Bowen for my horse led me to become fully qualified in the Bowen Technique. I have found The Bowen Technique to be one of the most versatile, effective therapies I have come across.

I am fully insured and registered with the Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA), European College of Bowen Studies (ECBS) and Rose Farm College of Equine Studies (RFCES). I carry with me a current first aid certificate and insurance.

I help horses regain their freedom of movement, which enables them to be more responsive to your commands. Giving you a relaxed, happy, mobile horse without the need for months of expensive treatments.

Equine Bowen Therapy

10492121_792249144130725_2254543386264161862_nThe Bowen Technique  is a light, soft tissue holistic therapy for the remedial treatment of the body. As a horse owner and rider, I know only too well how much time, love and commitment goes in to our equine companions and how easy it is for our pets to sustain injuries and health related issues.

The Bowen Technique is particularly helpful in this respect. It is very gentle and subtle, yet highly effective. The body recognises and responds extremely well with a light touch without the need for manipulation. You only have to watch how your horse’s body reactions to a fly to realise how sensitive the skin is.

I work  just below the surface of the skin interacting with the fascia that wraps around your horse’s muscles. Your horse’s body has an innate biological self healing mechanism that is driven by the nervous system to heal and restore the body. The gentle rolling moves I make over precise points in the body are designed to help the body do just that.

The Equine Bowen Therapy Process

App10570384_792248897464083_4473002334665921942_nlying The Bowen Technique releases the body’s own natural endorphin’s for quick effective pain relief. The gentleness of the moves relaxes horses very quickly. The body can then concentrate on repairing and re-balancing. Watching your horse having Bowen, you begin to see the muscles soften. You watch your horse relaxing and yawning. He is taking in more oxygen with every deep breath and yawn. His cells are being nourished by the richness of the oxygen. The healing process has begun. Before you know it your horse is looking better, feeling more balanced and freer in his movements. Welcome to Bowen!

Not all horses start from this position. There are horses that are in a lot of pain and discomfort that at best fidget and at worst are so guarded all they do is try and kick and bite you. My experience has been that once horses have had a few sessions and they are more comfortable, their behaviour changes and they are more calm to work on.

What you may need Bowen for

  • Nervous/worried/anxious horses and ponies
  • Uneven gait
  • Blocking through an area
  • Changes in temperament
  • Changes in performance
  • Rearing
  • Bucking
  • Napping
  • Refusing to jump
  • Sluggish lymphatic system
  • Stiffness on one rein
  • Canter lead issues
  • Tightness in quarters and or shoulders
  • Sore withers
  • Respiratory and or digestive issues
  • Locking stifle
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Tight/sore/painful backs
  • Unlevelness

Treatment plan:

10481871_792253350796971_1405431609529269861_nHorses can often withstand a tremendous amount of discomfort over a lengthy period until the signs that all is not well are noticeable and recognised. The chances are the horse may have been suffering several months prior to this. For this reason I always recommend a minimum of 2 sessions to enable me to follow up on progress and reassess.

Sometimes relaxation exercises can be useful in between sessions to give the body some help and sometimes it is more appropriate to refer your horse to another specialist. All individual treatment plans are discussed during the first visit.


photo 2 (1)Used regularly, Bowen Therapy can be highly effective in maintaining good musculo-skeletal balance in your horse to keep the body ticking over more efficiently. With regular sessions, Bowen Therapy can help your horse keep supple and free from injuries. We use our horses for various disciplines and levels of work. Eventers and Endurance horses will have a different daily programmes to a casual happy hacker.

Whatever the demands we place on the horses body, we want our horses to be fit for purpose. Used as part of a maintenance programme, your horse’s body can be kept more mobile and supple with regular sessions.



Aug article Happy horseIn August 2014 I wrote an article for South East Rider Magazine on locking stifle. I used a case study to explain the effect using The Bowen Technique had on a young 16hh Thoroughbred ex polo horse. My article highlighted that just one treatment was enough to release and free the locking mechanism to enable the horse to lead a more normal life.

My 2nd article will be published in the September 2014 edition of The South East Rider, which explains how Bowen Therapy has helped manage the Estrus cycle of a mare called Time.

My 3rd Article is being published in the October 2014 edition of The South East Rider and tells the story of a nervous ex rescue pony called Jas who has responded well to Bowen and is much more relaxed and happier following her Bowen sessions.



 £45 per horse

An additional 45p per mile is charged outside a 20 miles radius of Southampton postcode SO31 8HN.


How do I book a Bowen Technique appointment?

Visit my ‘Contact Me‘ page, where you will find a range of contact methods to suit your preference.