Managing Equine Anxiety and Stress with Bowen.

SER Oct articleIn the October 2014 edition of The South East Rider magazine is an article I have written about managing Equine Anxiety and Stress using The Bowen Technique. The technique comprises of very slow and gentle rolling moves, which are strategically placed over the major stress loading areas on the body.  Planned 2 minute breaks after approximately every 4 moves makes this technique unique and in a league of its own. The breaks are crucial as they invite,  encouraged and give the body opportunity to make adjustments as soon as the first moves have been placed on the body.

Bowen works well with horses that are stressed and anxious as the relaxing therapy kick starts the body’s nervous system into the parasympathetic state. In equines, the licking, chewing, dozing and soft eyes you see during the Bowen session means the body is set up for change to happen. With a relaxed horse, the hormones controlling the nervous system are in a position to adjust to enable the horse to become alot more calmer and happier generally.

Bowen Therapy works with the whole of the body.  The understanding behind Bowen is the body has all the answers and can rebalance itself when the right conditions are in place. I believe Bowen Therapy provides the body with the best chance of  helping the body to ‘fix’ itself. To find out how Bowen has benefitted other horses, visit me at