South East Rider article in AUGUST ISSUES 2014 about Unlocking stifles using Bowen TherapyIn the August 2014 edition of The South East Rider you can read about an ex polo horse called Mia that suffered from a locking stifle. Shortly after being backed, Mia became a polo pony. Training was tough. She needed to be fit to keep up with everybody and had to cope with the hazards of the sport, which involved sustaining several leg injuries. After 18 months, her previous owner decided she was not cut out for polo and sold her.

Mia was then sold to Dominique, who rode and trained her for dressage and jumping.  Unfortunately, after a few months Dominique noticed her beloved horse was stiff in the mornings and presented signs for locking stifle. Mia would walk out of her stable dragging her hind leg. Releasing the stifle took half an hour every morning, which created stress for both Mia and Dominique. Things carried on for a year.

Dominique finally approached me for help after spending many months researching and going through the options with her veterinary surgeon. Dominique felt surgery was the last resort and wanted to try everything before this option was explored.

With just one Bowen Session Mia’s locking stifle mechanism released and reset itself back to normal function. Six months after Mia’s Bowen session her stifle remains fully functional.

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Unlocking Stifles using Bowen Therapy